Clinical corneal biomechanical characterization


    System based on 3D plenoptic imaging for dynamic topographical corneal characterization


    The POPCORN project includes 7 partners from 3 different European countries

Advances of Popcorn


Kickoff meeting of POPCORN project in Alicante

The European consortium on corneal biomechanics POPCORN meets in Alicante (Spain)

The first meeting of the European consortium composed of SMEs and RTDs and aimed at developing a device of clinical use for measuring the biomechanical properties of the human cornea within the European project POPCORN took place in Alicante, in the installations of the Department of Ophthalmology (OFTALMAR) of the Medimar International Hospital. In this first meeting, different strutural issues for the beginning of the project has been treated with the aim of defining the strategic value of the project for the instituions comprising the consortium coordinated by OFTALMAR and monitored by the European Comission. The POPCORN project includes SMEs of United Kingdom, Romania and Italy and will suppose a very relevant technological advance allowing the optimization of the laser corrections of refractive errors as well as a more comprehensive study of different types of corneal disorders. The project will have a duration of 30 months and has a budget of almost one and a half millions of euros.