Clinical corneal biomechanical characterization


    System based on 3D plenoptic imaging for dynamic topographical corneal characterization


    The POPCORN project includes 7 partners from 3 different European countries

About us

Who are the participants of the POPCORN project

The POPCORN project includes 7 partners from 3 different European countries, including small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and Research Technological Developers (RTD). This forms a consistent consortium coordinated by OFTALMAR (Alicante, Spain). The SME participants form a supply chain for production of the POPCORN system:

About <strong>us</strong>

RTDs fill the skills gaps in mathematical biomodels, optical and software development missing from the industrial partners:

  • ISRI (UK Intelligent Systems Research Institute) (design and development of the electro-mechanical system) from United Kingdom (http://www.uk-isri.org/)
  • I3A-University of Zaragoza (Arag√≥n Institute of Engineering Research) (corneal biomechanical modelling) from Spain (http://i3a.unizar.es/es)

The consortium has agreed an IPR model ownership in which the owners of the results are the SMEs members of the consortium. Each of the SMEs will retain rights over the different results and will agree a supply chain to put the POPCORN system in the market.

  • Optoelectronica 2001
  • Biotronics 3D
  • CSO
  • ISRI
  • I3A-University of Zaragoza